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In RescueDog you play a bouncy, happy puppy trapped in a cave with your human companion. Your goal: escape the cave - but watch out for spiders! Bark to scare the spiders away, don't let them bite your human.

Original, adaptive music and fun 8bit sound effects. Available in DirectX and OpenGL formats. Written in MonoGame, with full source code included! Part of the new MonoGame Getting Started Guide available on github: https://github.com/MrGrak/Monogame-Getting-Started

Install instructions

Two versions of the game are provided: an OpenGL version and a DirectX version. The OpenGL version should work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The DirectX version will work on Windows, and may work on Linux using Wine. You may need to install XNA, Monogame, OpenAL, or other software depending on your computer's software and hardware specs.


RescueDog_DirectX.zip 24 MB
RescueDog_OpenGL.zip 25 MB
RescueDog_Source.zip 103 MB


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Who did you Picard as the basis for your human companion?