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Cyberpunk 2d Platformer with Cloth Physics · By Garrick Campsey


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Lazr's Kickstarter is live!
Lazr's Kickstarter is live! Please help me make Lazr into a full game, it would mean so much to me! I've put a ton of work and love in it. https://www.kickstart...
Big Update
the demo has been updated! the boss is now easier to beat, and has less hp. you can jump on top of and destroy drones. the code powering cloth has been redesign...
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The Trigger Update
This update allows players to grab and climb with the left trigger, and shoot lasers with the right trigger. This brings game input more in line with modern pla...
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OpenGL fix 1
Reposted the opengl archive with the required monokickstart files that I forgot to put in yesterday...
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Th Easy Update
The Easy Update is here, which makes the game easier for new players to get into, while adding new music, fixing an issue with holodog getting stuck in walls, a...
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Day 2 Update
Day 2 Update is here, which addresses a variety of improvements to the Lazr demo. I've added an update graphic, along with a roadmap graphic, so players can get...
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Huge Update
Lazr's Advanced Demo is ready, with a ton of updates and fixes. This is a completely new demo, with completely new levels. I'll be posting more updates as well...
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